How to play

1.How to register

Registration takes only a few minutes. Go to the section "Registration":

Next you need to enter your registration information:

If all the data is correct, you will see a notification that the confirmation code has been sent by SMS to a mobile phone:

2. How to make a deposit

Go to the section "Deposit":

Press on the convenient payment method from the list:

Write your correct mobile number and deposit amount, then press on the "Deposit" button:

Then follow the instructions displayed on the screen using a mobile phone. For example:

3. How to bet

3.1 How to make a bet on sports?

Go to the "Menu" :

Select "Sport" :

Choose a pre-match or live bet, and the sport:

For example, if you chose football, then you need to select championship and league:

Then, select the match you are interested in and select from the full list the result that you think will end the match:

After selecting the result - click on the proposed odds:

If you want to make a single bet - click on bet slip to confirm the bet:

Check the correctness of the selected match and the result of the bet, enter the amount of the bet, check the box if you agree with the changes by the odds and confirm your bet:

After a successful bet you will see the message:

3.2. How to see the history of sports betting.

Go to the "Menu" :

Select "Sport" :

Click on the bet history at the bottom of the page:

You can specify the date and time of the bet, as well as see the details of the bet, depending on the status of the bet, for example, winning, not played(current):

3.3. How to play on slots.

Go to the "Menu" :

Select "Games" :

Choose a game from the menu by category or by game provider, pressing on the name:

Or you can choose a game by name through the search menu:

Then press on the picture of the game. On the page that opens, read the win conditions, enter the amount of the bet and their amount, and click on the game button:

3.4. How to play on virtual sport.

Go to the "Menu" :

Select "Virtual sport" :

Choose a sport like footbal:

If you see the status of "Bets allowed", this means that you can bet on the next match:

Choose the outcome of the game by clicking on the odds. Enter the bet amount and click on "Place a bet":

After confirming the bet, it is displayed in the "Active bets" section with the status "Waiting for play":

You need to wait a few minutes before the game starts. When the game starts, you can watch the video:

After completing the game, wait a few minutes for the results to be calculated:

The result of the calculation of the rate can be seen in the section "Active bets":

Also, you can see the history of bets by clicking on the menu icon:

3.5. How to play on keno.

Go to the "Menu" :

Select "Keno" :

Choose the game of interest:

Then put the device in horizontal mode or use the desktop:

Before starting the game, read the rules. Press on the question mark at the top right:

Then, according to the rules of the game, choose from 2 to 10 numbers,choose the number of bets and the amount of the bet and press “Start”:

After completing the game, check your numbers with the numbers that were in the game and look at the winnings table:

To return to the main page of the site press on the house icon at the top right:

###3.6. How to play on lottery.

Also, in the games section you can bet on lotteries and other games besides slot.

Go to the "Menu" :

Select "Games" :

Then select “Lottery”:

Choose a game from this section, for example, "Fortuna":

Then put the device in horizontal mode or use the desktop:

Before starting the game, read the rules. Press on the question mark at the top right:

<img src=""

Read the rules of the game:

Choose the number that will fall on the wheel of fortune clicking on the proposed outcome and bet amount:

When choosing an outcome - in the lower left corner you can see the amount of the bet and the possible win:

After completing the round, you can see the result of your bet and the results of previous rounds:

To return to the main page of the site press on the house icon:

4. How to make a withdraw.

In order to withdraw money from your account you need to confirm your mobile phone number in your profile:

Add a phone number to your profile:

Then go to the section "Withdraw":

Press on the convenient payment method from the list:

Write your correct mobile number and withdraw amount, then press on the "Withdraw" button:

Then, you need to confirm your payment by SMS to your mobile phone number.

5. Frequently asked questions

How do you register with the casino?

Registration has never been so easy. Click «Log in» button on any page of the site, choose «Registration» tab and fill out all the needed fields in the form which opens. After filling it out click «Register» button. After that, the confirmation message shall be sent to the e-mail you registered with. To confirm registration you just need to follow the link in the message.

I forgot the password, what should I do?

To reset the password you need to open the authorization form and click «Forgot?» link. Then you need to enter your e-mail address or telephone number and click «Reset» button. After that, follow the instruction which will be sent to your e-mail address or telephone.

I forgot my e-mail, what should I do?

You'll have to go through the identification procedure. The procedure is not regulated and it is unique for each client. In any case, we'll do our best to help you. Please, try not to forget your login.

Should the personality be confirmed by documents?

Certainly not. We respect your privacy and don't require to confirm your personality by documents. It may be needed only in absolutely extraordinary, exceptional cases.

How quickly are the funds credited to the account?

Almost instantly. It depends on the operation speed of the payment provider.

How quickly are the funds withdrawn?

Processing of withdrawal requests may take up to 24 hours. Please, note, that it also depends on the speed of processing of the payment provider.

How do I get a bonus?

You may read the detailed terms of getting bonuses on the «Bonus policy» page.

What is the bonus turnover?

The bonus turnover takes place in the course of the game in the games permitted by the terms of the bonus. Within the framework of turnover, your bets are summarized until the value of the sum reaches the necessary figure. Usually, this is the bonus amount multiplied by the wager value. For example: if the bonus amount is $10, and the wager equals to 20, in order to complete the turnover you need to place bets in the amount: $10 × 20 = $200.

What should I do if the bonus turnover doesn't work out?

You should carefully read the terms of the bonus. Maybe you try to wager with violation of the terms. For example, you are wagering by using the bet which exceeds the allowed limit, or you are playing the game which doesn't take part in bonus turnover. If you haven't found any mistakes on your part, please contact the support service. We'll do our best to help.

Are there any personal bonuses?

Yes, of course, we are very attentive to our players and we offer very interesting conditions.

The game has hung up, it doesn't start, what should I do?

Try to reload the page. Don't be afraid that the data will be lost. The game will continue from the place it was disconnected. If it doesn't help and the game is hung up again, try to restart the browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer). If this doesn't help too, your browser cache memory may be in need of garbage collection. If nothing of the above-mentioned helps, contact our support service.

Any questions left?

You may always contact the support service by using online chat. We'll consider your question as quickly as possible and we'll try to give the exhaustive reply.

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